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Apparently, this evening, a congressman yelled "Lies!" at Mr. Obama during his address. Everyone seems outraged. Check out this video.

Now, I ask, what is so wrong about this? Perhaps the individual had good reason to believe that the president's words were untrue. Should he be silenced in the name of courtesy? It seems to me that courtesy has no place in a political system operating under principles of republicanism and democracy. Should not every last word of the president be questioned without mercy? I see no reason why his office should elevate him to immunity from a bit of rude criticism. If the people have a disagreement with the president, let them speak!

Such controversy fosters transparency, and positive change. One only has to observe the British Parliament to find that the people of a country long since peacefully freed from the bonds of monarchy know how to remain comfortable with open defiance.



Let all things their Creator bless,
And worship Him in humbleness.